• National Skills Development Initiative will allow individuals to be skilled and knowledgeable, obtain Nationally and Globally recognized qualifications to gain access to decent employment and ensure India’s competitiveness in the international market.

  • To encourage employers to use the working area as an active learning environment, and to provide employees with the opportunities to acquire new skills, to employ people who find it difficult to be employed.

  • The Skills Development Mission (SDM) will have to ensure that our supply-side responses are perpetually in sync with the demand side impulses both from household as well as global economy

  • The mission will have to support both private and public sectors in a mutual relationship, with an initiative for mutual support.

  • In case of Government-led initiatives the concerned Ministries will conceptualize the initiatives for either expanding and improving existing institutions and providing them enlarged budgets and improved action plans or they will set up new generation institutions with budgetary support.

  • To entertain training, placement and tracking system for effective evaluation and upcoming policy planning.

  • The mission will comprises of several ministries of the  Central Government, State Governments and the activity of the private arm, supported by the following institutions: 

              (i) Prime Minister’s National Council on Skills Development

             (ii) National Skills Development Coordination Board

             (iii) National Skills Development Corporation/Trust